Strategy 1: Listening to Your Inner Voice – Knowing When You’re Stuck

(during reading)

Knowing when your comprehension is dimming is not always easy. Active readers are constantly monitoring their attention and their comprehension to know when it is essential to get re-focused and re-read. As you read think about:
  • Do you recognize some of your students in this chapter?
  • How are your students like Chris Tovani's students? Or how are they different?
  • In the first section of this reading, Tovani says that sadly, many of her students don't expect to understand what they read. They accept their confusion and figure that at this point in their life, it's too late for them to become better readers. How can you help students who feel it's too late to become a better reader?

For your first assignment:
  • Read Chapter 4 Conversations with Cantos: Tracking Confusion to Its Source from Cris Tovani's book I Read It, But I Don't Get It: Comprehension Strategies for Adolescent Readers. A copy of the chapter is in the handouts.
  • Use the handouts from Tovani, page 134 (Inner Voice) and page 129 (I’m Stuck) with your students. Help them focus on listening to their inner voice while they read.
  • Write your reactions in one or two paragraphs on the discussion tab. Do you have students like this?